Chat bots development

Sales with the help of Telegram increase up to 300% annually. So take a moment to take your place!

Why do you need a Telegram bot?

  • It removes routine from managers

    The chat bot instantly answers users’ questions and provides with the necessary information 24/7. You won’t lose perspective customer even when you sleep.

  • Increases sales

    The chat bot takes orders immediately, which helps to close the transaction quickly. It saves you time without distracting you from complex business tasks.

  • It is a marketing tool

    A chat bot can send out advertisements, special offers, etc. The openness of messages in messengers is 80%, which is five times higher than e-mail and SMS.

  • It saves your money

    The chat bot does not require a salary monthly. Its development needs payment only once. Further support and development will depend only on your aims.

  • Imitation of communication

    Simulating smart conversations with people using a computer program allows you to automate simple business processes.

  • Multilanguage

    Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, French… Jam Telegram bot is able to find a common language with your client!

Development of chat bot on turnkey basis

We design and program Telegram bots to meet the needs of your business, create automated assistants whose opportunities are unlimited.

Tasks that can be automated

  1. Dialogue on the script

    There are many simple questions of the same type in each frame of reference. For automatic communication it is necessary to think over scripts of possible scenarios of questions and answers to them. This way the chat bot will provide user with necessary information.

  2. Collecting customer information

    One of the most important features of a chat bot is the ability to collect information about your users. We develop the Telegram bot so that you can track the actions of your customers and then analyze their habits.

  3. Orders taking 

    We develop a chat bot that takes orders immediately, improving your customer interaction. Now  your clients communication with your company will be much faster and easier, since it is more convenient for many people, to send information to the messenger than to make a call.

  4. Connection to external systems

    The chat bot with the help of API can be synchronized with your internal systems, such as 1C, CRM, Google Sheets, etc.

  5. Messaging

    The chat bot has an administrative panel where you can create mass mailings and view their basic statistics.

  6. Interactive communication

    For example, we can create a quest in which the user answers questions and passes exams.

The main niches for Telegram bot

  • Support
  • Delivery of goods, food, flowers
  • Public sector
  • Booking and buying tickets
  • Information sharing