We will show the first result in two months and provide you with a stable flow of customers thanks to the search engine optimization of the site.

Expert Services in SEO Promotion

  • SEO audit

    Carefully study the site to detect technical errors. During SEO audit, we take into account various rules that affect the volume of visitors from the free search.

  • SEO strategy

    We create an ambitious program that allows us to implement the most important objectives of the company (increase traffic, positions in search results as well as increase the amount of likely target audience through search traffic).

  • SEO-optimization

    We carry out works aimed at raising the position of the site on requests in the results of search engines. We work with external and internal factors.

  • Analytics

    We monitor internal and external site aspects weekly, collect data on the following metrics: traffic, keywords, search engine positions, number of external links.

With us your investments in SEO will be effective and reliable

  • Creating of relevant content
  • Eternal links to topic-based resources
  • Crowd-marketing of high quality
  • An open and transparent budget

Time phased plan of works

  1. Collection of semantics

    We create a complete database of search queries that most accurately characterize the type of activity, product or service offered by the site. We make a conditional “skeleton” for the distribution of keywords across different landing pages.

  2. Development of information structure

    On the basis of a thorough technical and content audit, analysis of backlinks and speed of loading pages, we make the task of correction and introducing necessary improvements to all language versions of the site.

  3. Correction of site mistakes

    If the site is created on CMS WordPress or CMS Jam Engine, our team will correct the technical errors of the site and implement the necessary improvements. If another platform is used, the site developer implements the fixes.

  4. Content optimization

    According to the semantic core, we write and implement new descriptions and meta tags on the site pages. We are engaged in the construction of an internal link system to redistribute the weight of the pages and improve the search visibility of the site.

  5. Work with external links

    We systematically build up our link mass using entirely legal promotion tools. We work with bloggers, administrators of theme-based Web sites, forums and news resources. As a result, data of traffic and items are fixed for a long time.

  6. Analytics and optimization

    We carry out a weekly review of the effectiveness of SEO optimization. According to statistics on the seventh month the maximum increase of potential of a site for receiving traffic is reached. As a consequence you get increase in sales up to the required level with competitive USP.

We are experts in promoting websites of different industries

  • Sports clubs
  • Beauty salons
  • Electrical goods
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery
  • Real estate
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Recruiting
  • Toys and bouquets
  • Cargo technics