Contextual Advertising

You get from 3 to 25 requests each day for 0.65 UAH per click or 28 UAH per conversion!

Google Ads Advertising Opportunities

  • Quick set up

    The instant appearance of your ads allows you quickly advertise: your promotions, seasonal offers and events. It is the result of Google distribution on thematic requests.

  • Accurate targeting

    Being able to show your ad to a user looking for a service or product similar to what you offer, gives great opportunities for your business.

  • Remarketing

    Reminding people visiting your site through advertising banners increases brand awareness and helps you get more people referred and repeated sales.

  • Data collection

    The information about users’ actions, clicking your ads and getting to your site, allows you to make a detailed analysis of campaign efficiency and adjust your settings.

With us your investment in advertising will be most effective

  • Attraction of new customers from the Internet
  • Increasing your site’s sales and incomings
  • Gathering information about potential customers
  • Increasing brand awareness

We help save time and money

  1. We create the optimal media plan

    According to statistics, 7 projects out of 10 are unprofitable in the first month of the advertising campaign. To prevent you from this, we need to define the goals of the advertising campaign, analyze the rivals and develop a contextual advertising strategy.

  2. We are developing an advertising account

    A fully canvass list of key queries, divided into groups, and attractive ads that give a good link to a “key query – an advertisement,” are the foundation of a successful advertising campaign

  3. We control the rates

    The rate control and rate adjustments allow you to get targeted visitors at the best value cost-per-click, as well as lower the price of conversion costs, increasing the ROI of your ad campaign at the same time.

  4. We set goals on the site

    Identifying the key performance indicator (KPI) and the subsequent implementation of goals in Google Analytics allows you to optimize your ad campaign for increasing conversions (useful user actions).

  5. We launch remarketing

    We set targeted ads on the Display Network aimed at people who visit a specific page or a section of your site. In 99% remarketing increases CTR, the amount of conversions, and lowers the price on customer attraction.

  6. We analyze and optimize campaigns

    We remove non-targeted keywords and adjust ads, clean up poorly performing audience segments, and redirect budget. This reduces the price of a click in average by 25% during 60 days of work on a project.

We have a successful experience in conducting advertising campaigns in various fields

  • Sports clubs
  • Beauty salons
  • Construction products
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery
  • Real estate
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Furniture and doors
  • Textile products
  • Training