Web portal Children’s Service of Zaporizhzhia City Council

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About the project

Portal of the Children’s Service of Zaporizhzhia City Council.

The Jam Development team worked on identity creation, interface design and site programming on the CMS Jam Engine.

Dity.zp.ua contains information about children who need a family. A personal profile is created for each child, which indicates the age, location, the presence of siblings, photos and a short story about the characteristics of the character. Families who want to adopt or care for a child can apply directly. The portal has all the necessary information about the conditions and legal norms of adoption, as well as advice and useful information for parents. Anyone can help children or families, or leave a request for help with themselves through the feedback form.

Thanks to this portal, communication between the Zaporizhzhia Children’s Service and people who want to adopt a child or become a guardian is simplified and made more effective. In this way, more children can find a family and care, and orphanages can get the help they need.

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