Website with product catalog Stands

Completed work

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  • Development
  • Project management

About the project

Stands is a Ukrainian manufacturer of stage podiums and cases.

Jam Development web studio has created a simple and convenient site for Stands, made in a minimalist design. The monolingual site is implemented on CMS WordPress.

There is a catalog of goods on The card of each product is accompanied by its characteristics, description and price. Customers can also find out in detail how and from which materials the production is carried out. The design is done with an emphasis on products, each product has a function of viewing with magnification. Thus, before ordering, the customer can consider all the details, and the manufacturer makes it clear that he is responsible for the quality of its products and that he has nothing to hide. There is a feedback form on the site where you can ask questions and get advice. The site allows visitors to get acquainted with the goods, and the manufacturer to gain the trust of customers and receive feedback from them.

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