How to get your business to the top of Google local search: step-by-step recommendations

Local SEO is the number 1 trend that has not lost its relevance for more than 4 years. It is local intentions that have about 46% of search queries in Google. Are you a small business owner? Do you have a coffee shop or sports club? It’s time to grow your business with local SEO and get it to the top of Google search. How exactly? Now we will tell everything.

Typically, a standard search query includes words like “nearby”, “nearby”, “nearby”. However, even without it, knowing your location, Google forms the result depending on geolocation. What exactly influences this result? Google claims to focus on three factors: distance, relevance, and popularity. They do not work alone, but only in combination. Therefore, the search engine often puts a company that is far away from you in the first place, ignoring the one that is closer. So how do you get potential customers to see your business first?

First step: sign up for Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool that displays information about your business in search and all Google services. This is what the search engine uses when trying to find information about local companies.

What can you do with Google My Business? Add your company to the maps, monitor the statistics of views and user actions on the GMB page, and most importantly, see and understand your client by reading reviews and account visits.

So, the Google My Business page has been created: you have entered the name of the company and its address, used a bright profile photo, filled in all categories and expect that there will be more customers. Unfortunately, these actions will not be enough for long-term business promotion.

To gain a foothold in the search top, you should know geo-dependent keywords and optimize the company’s website for them. According to these expressions, the search engine issues a map with a selection of businesses.

Second step: regularly inform about news and promotions on the Google My Business page

Regular entries on your account are a guarantee that the business will get to the top of Google search results. Do not forget to publish news and materials with links to the company’s website. With their help, you will receive:

  • additional views;
  • additional visits to the site;
  • high ranking in the search results on Google Maps;
  • additional external links from a reputable source that will improve your site’s SEO.

Step Three: Motivate Customers to Write Reviews

Comments are one of the best motivators to use your services. Reviews indicate that you are trusted and contacted. Ask customers to write a few words or rate you on a map or website. The search engine will see that business information is updated frequently, so it will consider you more relevant than others.

Fourth step: communicate with users

Always respond to reviews and questions that come to your Google My Business account. By communicating, you, firstly, will establish a close relationship with potential and existing customers, and secondly, you will learn about their needs and be able to satisfy them faster than competitors.

Fifth step: connect to your Google My Business account a 3D tour of your location

Users usually want to see in detail what your cafe, restaurant, co-working space or hotel looks like before visiting. With the Google Street View tool, you can add your 3D tour to your Google My Business page. This will definitely become an advantage, because such a virtual tour will increase the attraction of the audience and will help increase customers.

If the Google Street View tour is not connected to the page, the search engine will show what it took on its own. Basically it doesn’t look as good as it should.

We advise you not to hesitate with a high-quality and professionally shot 3D tour. Moreover, our agency can help you with this.

JAM DEVELOPMENT specialists will help you create a Google My Business account for your company and optimize it in accordance with your goals.