SEO Links: What You Need and How to Get More

Backlinks are links that allow you to go from one page of the site to another. They significantly improve the quality of the Internet resource, generate traffic and help to enlist the support of search engines. Even more reasons why you need them, and how to create and test them, in the next article.


What are backlinks used for

Your site will need backlinks for three reasons.

They will improve your position in search results

Search engines consider such links as some kind of favor. A high amount of favor means a better position in the SERPs for relevant queries. Therefore, this way you get more organic traffic.

Will make it easier to find

With backlinks, search engines will find your web resource much faster. After all, they constantly check well-known pages on which new links from readable sites have appeared.

They will add transitions, that is, they will improve referral traffic

What exactly are backlinks for? For users to follow them if they are interested in something.

The moment a user clicks on a link from another resource to your online platform, you receive referral traffic. This concept means the total number of transitions to your web page from other Internet resources.

How to create high-quality and useful backlinks

Not every link is equally useful. Its quality depends on several factors.

Relevance to the topic

Google considers relevant links to be relevant to the topic. The reason is simple – they are used more often. Therefore, if backlinks from resources about apartment renovation and puppies lead to the online site of a construction company, the first one will probably become more important. The same can be said about domain names.

Authority Level

Often, backlinks from “strong” pages deserve high authority. But not everything is so clear. Sometimes strong pages have not so high authority. This is up to Google, and they have certain patents explaining how backlink authority is determined.

Another factor that affects authority is internal links, that is, we are talking about links within your site.

Big traffic

Backlinks from pages that are visited more often, of course, provide more referral traffic than those from pages that are rarely visited. Also significantly more visited links affect the place in the search results.

Correct placement

Of course, bright and catchy links make people click on them. That is why they should be placed in the area where the main meaning of the page is concentrated, stand out with the help of font and color, and also be accompanied by a description that increases the chances of clicking on them.

Links that are not crawled by search engines

Backlinks that have the nofollow attribute, that is, links that are not crawled by search engines, often do not affect the place in the SERP, but they still can. Therefore, we advise you to focus on getting those links that are crawled.

Anchor text

What is anchor text? This is the backlink text that the user sees. Google claims that it has an influence on the place in the SERP, however, practice has shown that this influence is very weak.

Link building is included in the list of monthly SEO-promotion of sites. The effectiveness of promotion depends on the quality of monthly accrued links. Order the service of  SEO-optimization of your site in JAM DEVELOPMENT.

How to check backlinks for any site

There are such ways to research backlinks: the first will work if this is your site, the second will help you find data about other sites or pages.

Google Search Console – for your website

With it, you can find out the organic search traffic and the overall performance of your online platform. What is needed for this? Register and go to the Links tab.

By the number of External links you will find out how many unique backlinks to your resource exist.

What are the reporting options:

  • Top linked page, that is, the pages on your web resource that lead to the largest number of links;
  • Top linking sites, that is, Internet resources that have the largest number of backlinks to you;
  • Top linking text, that is, anchor statements that were commonly used to link to your resource.

For beginners, we recommend starting with Top linked pages. Then click on any URL. This way you will see web resources linking to the page that matches it.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker – for sites you don’t own

With this paid tool, you will learn the following about these links:

  • Referring page, that is, the page that links to the target;
  • Domain Rating (DR, that is, the rating of the Internet resource that links;
  • URL Rating (UR), that is, the rating of the page that links;
  • Traffic, i.e. the estimated average monthly organic search traffic to the linking page;
  • Anchor and backlink;

Backlinks: how to increase their number

To have a large number of backlinks, use one of these three methods:

  • deserve them;
  • create them yourself;
  • build them up.

Let’s take a look at all the options.

Links you deserve

Users find you thanks to search engines, social networks and the advice of friends and decide for themselves whether to place a link to your resource. You deserve these links.

The only way to earn backlinks is to create content that is interesting and relevant to the user.

The links you created

Try to add links to your own Internet resource yourself. Enter them in a business directory or post them in comments on blogs and forums.

Links you have grown

Want to build backlinks? Ask editors and other resource owners to link to your web platform. What can be offered:

  • write guest text for the blog;
  • provide your working links instead of those that no longer work;
  • find resources where your content is mentioned and offer to place links.

When chasing backlinks, keep in mind that not all backlinks are equal, because their quality is influenced by many factors.

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