Jam Development join in revival of cultural heritage of Ukraine

On 25 November, a unique web platform “Ukrainian manuscripts” was presented by Julia Matiash on Press conference in Ukrinform. We developed it for supporting a project called “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine”. On this platform you can study and download facsimile manuscript copies, created during the time of Kievan Rus’

What we were aimed at taking up digitizing of cultural heritage of Ukraine? First, we wanted to present the project itself, secondly, to present facsimile publications, thirdly, to develop the necessary functionality for the register of manuscripts, as well as to integrate the website with payment services. Last-mentioned allows raising quickly funds for returning of ancient manuscripts.

Especially for the “Ukrainian manuscripts” we developed the identity of the web project, took a photo shooting, shot a series of promotional videos about facsimile publications. Also we developed a three-language website that maintains user authorization, publication of scientific comments and allows filling the registry by scientists. In addition we created and connected social media pages.

The “Ukrainian manuscripts” is our great pride. In this way Jam contributes to the revival of the deep national culture and identity of Ukraine.

The main mission of the project is the “returning” of the national manuscript heritage to Ukraine. It is about ancient manuscripts created in Kiev in the medieval times of Ukraine-Rus’. These are real masterpieces of medieval literature, which are carefully guard by countries and exhibited only in the showcases of world treasures. It is not possible to get back the originals to Ukraine. Therefore, the creators of “Returning the Cultural Heritage to Ukraine” are working hard to create facsimile copies of these books. And we are happy about them and proud of them.