7 website building mistakes and how to avoid them

Have you already created your own website or are you planning to? Catch the TOP mistakes that web resource creators most often make. They were identified as a result of research and analysis of 12 million sites by Weblium.


Mistake №1. Lack of elements of social proof

What does the term “social proof for a website” mean? These are customer photos, screenshots and videos with their reviews, team shots and real product photos.

39% of websites don’t have social proof elements

You should not pursue the quality of images and use exclusively expensive professional equipment. Smartphone photos are fine. The main thing is that the images are relevant and compelling.

In addition, Trust-Pulse push notifications work great as elements of social proof. This service integrates quickly into any site and can increase conversions by 15%.

Mistake №2. Lack of calls to action

Users are like children. Want them to fill out a form or call? Write it down. For example, insert the phrases “Fill out the form and get a free consultation”, “Submit a request” or “Read 5 tips” and redirect the user to an informative page.

67% of websites don’t have a clear call to action

Use the 4 U rule (Urgency, Uniqueness, Usefulness, Ultra-specifiity) in your headlines, and big buttons and bright colors in your landing page design to grab attention.

We also recommend adding a chat bot and a button “Leave your number and we will call you back” to the site.

Mistake №3. Not using AIDA and VAKAD

In Europe and America, future marketers learn these concepts in their first year of marketing education, so they are used there quite often. We have such models – a rarity.

80% of Ukrainian websites do not use AIDA or VAKAD models

What is AIDA? This is a model of consumer behavior that has been used in marketing practice for over a hundred years. It describes a clear sequence of events leading to a decision to buy a thing, and looks like this: Attention → Interest → Desire → Action, that is, attention → interest → desire → action.

What is VAKAD? This is a model of consumer behavior depending on the type of perception of information (V – visuals (video); A – auditory (download presentation); K – kinesthetics (before and after pictures); Auditory Digital – digitals (blog, useful content, PDF) ). When designing a site, you should focus on all four types of users, offering each type of content suitable for him.

Even today, in 2020, the majority of Ukrainian sites are selling with a running start without talking about their services and without forcing a person to trust them. Others, on the contrary, first overload the user with texts about themselves and only then talk about the benefits for the client. In both cases, the visitors leave.

What can be the correct structure of the landing page of the site?

—a specific offer in the main screen;
— benefits for the client;
— services;
—several reviews;
— call to action;
— who do you work with?
— certificates/awards;
— more reviews;
— blog/news;
— feedback form + contacts.

Mistake №4. The presence of “Junk” phrases

“Junk phrases” are phrases that do not carry much meaning and specificity for the user. There are a lot of examples of such expressions: “We are leaders”, “Quickly, efficiently, inexpensively”, “We are the best on the market”, “Optimal combination of price and quality”. Such phrases need to be removed or backed up with evidence.

92% of informative sites use junk phrases

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Mistake №5. Non-responsive design

The site may not look the same on a computer and mobile phone. Today, 70-80% of all traffic comes from smartphones. So, they didn’t adapt the site for mobile – they lost this traffic.

There are two solutions to this problem: pay developers to create a mobile version or create a site on a resource where adaptation is automatic.

When creating a design, Jam Development takes into account all the nuances of the site on a mobile device. After all, a convenient mobile version is necessary for all projects. Contact us to create a website means to get a decent mobile version a priori.

Mistake №6. Website in progress

A running site is a resource with a design that is relevant 20 years ago, or articles that have not been updated for more than a year.

To prevent this, just check your resource regularly, update news and reviews, update numbers, check phones and feedback forms.

No time? Then order the service of technical and content support in Jam Development.

Mistake №7. Slow downloading speed

There are several ways to solve the problem with the long loading of the site:

  • change hosting provider;
  • optimize images so that they weigh less, but do not lose quality. Can be done with Optimizilla or TinyPNG;
  • remove integrations from suspicious services. Usually they are written on the knee, which is why they slow down the site;
  • if the site was written poorly on an incomprehensible engine, nothing can be done about speed. You need to create a new one.

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The article was prepared according to Oleg Bolotnov’s webinar,
Business Development Executive в Weblium.