TOP 5 SEO Tips

The fundamental principles of SEO promotion remain relevant in 2021, and some methods and algorithms have stopped working or have undergone drastic changes. If earlier, to get into the TOP-10 of organic issuance, it was enough to buy a link mass and fill the pages with texts with keywords, but today this is not enough to overtake competitors, although collecting a semantic core remains part of SEO promotion.

New algorithms and ranking factors in the Google search engine are causing controversy and contentious issues among SEO professionals. What factors can be ignored and what should be followed to increase the position of the site in the search results? To do this, we have compiled the TOP 5 SEO tips that will allow you to attract more potential customers from organic traffic.


Tip number 1. Remove unnecessary things that slow down the page loading speed of the site.

Website loading speed is the most important ranking factor that was adopted by Google on April 9, 2010. Modern people do not like to wait, so slow sites scare them away and do not inspire confidence. According to eConsultancy, about 40% of users leave a site if it loads more than 3 seconds, and a delay of one second results in a loss of up to 7% of conversions, regardless of the quality of the text content and website design.

The optimal loading speed for pages with text blocks, pictures and video content should be 2.5 seconds.

In order not to lose the battle for organic traffic to competitors, get rid of non-essential elements that slow down the website. If the site is on WordPress, disable plugins that are not really needed. Install only the widgets you need in the sidebar.

Tip №2. Link to other relevant web resources

Links to other authoritative and relevant information pages carry a lot of weight and are part of search engine optimization. Many novice SEOs mistakenly believe that linking to competitors or other sources leads visitors away. A few links on your blog to other trusted sites will make your website more valuable and scalable. Here the main thing is to take not quantity, but quality.

Tip №3. Write texts that are primarily focused on people

Do not give preference to search robots, people are the priority today: your visitors and potential buyers. And an explosive mixture consisting of a properly composed semantic core and organic key injection, seasoned with LSI queries and high-quality useful content with structured lists – this is the recipe for high page ranking. This is called SEO copywriting. Put yourself in the user’s shoes. He likes it when: short, honest, useful, interesting, with facts and without water. Don’t try to save money and instead hire a smart SEO copywriter with experience in your niche.

Tip №4. Connect web analytics and study behavioral factors

Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other analytics programs will help track the path of users on your site: what they click on, where they come from, where they go, how long they stay on a particular page. Also, you thoroughly and in detail study your target audience and make corrective actions.

Tip №5. Write selling meta tags for each page

The title and description is the first thing a user of your site sees.

Meta descriptions should briefly but concisely display what is contained on the page where the user is going to go. It uses information about the product / service, the benefits of cooperation, geo, promotions, etc. Meta descriptions must be unique and not repeated on other pages. If you have a WordPress site, install the All-In-One-SEO Pack or Yoast plugins to help fix duplicate meta tags.

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