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About the project

The Ukrainian Manuscript Book is the site of the project “Returning Cultural Heritage to Ukraine”, which aims to return in facsimile copies of Ukrainian manuscripts that were created in Kievan Rus and are now in different parts of the world. The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The Jam Development team developed the site on its own multilingual CMS Jam Engine. The resource presents the history of creation and technical characteristics of each of the manuscripts that have been found and researched. All unique photo and video content for the project was created by Jam Development specialists. The site has a news section, which regularly publishes information about presentations of Ukrainian manuscripts and other important events. And thanks to authorization and personal account, users can leave scientific comments for books from the register.

Online portal Ukrainian manuscript revives history and helps return ancient cultural sites to their historical homeland. This, in turn, contributes to the development and promotion of Ukrainian culture. We are proud to have joined this project!

Feedback of the client

Anna Gorobets
director of the publishing house

Your team fulfilled the order not only on time and with quality, but also approached the development and especially the design of the site creatively and with inspiration. In the process of working on the site “Ukrainian Manuscript Book” you advised and offered us additional features, justified their need, and patiently explained everything to us is practically conducted a master class “how to order sites, prescribe tasks and what to require from developers.”

It seems that such a wonderful site could be created only by those intellectuals who have a hobby is to read books that know the history of their country, admire Ukrainian medieval culture, proud of the worthy contribution of Ukraine and Ukrainians to the treasury of European culture!

We sincerely hope that this is our first joint project is just the beginning!

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